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Family business since 1985 goes global

Watch Sathesh's online business journey with a $1million aim
A family business started by Sathesh’s grandfather and father back in 1985, Sathesh was slowly nurtured into the textile business from a young age. Originally manufacturing fabrics, which were bought by clients, turned to end products like bedsheets and sold to global brands. Sathesh realized an opportunity and soon moved to making their own end products. Understanding that the future lies online, since a lot of offline stores in Europe were closing, he listed his products on He targeted a goal of $1 million and has already achieved 50% of the same, confident to surpass the goal. Watch his inspiring story of creating additional growth areas for his traditional business.
"Namakkal is very famous for poultry, transport and education. When we decided to start our textile industry, we thought it should be in Namakkal as we have been here for 3 generations. We have been asso ciated with the Textile business from 1985. It’s a family business started by my grandfather and father. I was slowly nurtured into this from a very small age. And my family was also working. My mother comes to office, even now.

Globalisation was announced in 2005. So we had a lot of investment made in our spinning and weaving. Where our productivity increased and our quality was very good. So we had all good exporters buying fabric from us. Then we studied what was this fabric actually used for. They all made bedsheets and other made up products and exported it to the top brands globally. So we decided when we have the best of the product, why cant we also make up and convert this into a made up unit. And ship made up articles for export. We got tied up with a lot of customers who are selling theirs goods in online. And they grew at 40% per year, so we also grew at 40% per year.

We wanted to launch our product in the dot com because in the last 5 years in Europe, UK and US, lot of stores have closed. So I don’t think in future we will have to have a physical store to display all the products around. And we had Amazon approach us o promote Indian launch their goods in American Amazon dot com website. Amazon is the biggest Mall in the world. Where 50-60 lakh people come in and go every day. This was right opportunity.

We registered our brand Callista, in USA and with Amazon. We also havd "n" number of questions, because of so much value of stock is going to be in US, which is thousands of kilometres away. Then we found Amazon platform to be very, very user friendly. The stocks, the deliveries, all communication, reconciliation, everything was on the computer. So sitting in a small town in Namakkal, we were totally able to control the business, whats happening over there. They told us we can fix the quantities, we can fix the prices, we can fix the product, everything. So it gave us complete freedom. We started our first shipment which landed in 2017 January.

We decided to have a $1 million target. We have already passed more than 50% of the target, and we are very confident that we will surpass this $1 million within this financial year. And this has given us motivation to grow more with Amazon in various geographical locations, like UK, Europe, Australia and Japan. We can have the best of technology, but only when we have the best of people, we can really create a lovely product. All this gives us more bonding between ourselves and the people who are working with us."

Sathesh Nallathambi: Callista
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