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Dream of building own global brand - fulfilled

Watch how Sivaraj took his own brand Espresso, international
Sivaraj was a successful offline exporter with a dream of one day launching a brand of his own. When the dying issues of Tirupur became a hurdle to continue offline exports, Sivaraj found a golden opportunity to invest all his time building his global brand online. A coffee lover, the name Espresso for his garment business came naturally to him. Watch how Sivaraj built his online export business with Amazon Global Selling Program and today is a proud and happy owner of Espresso.
"We do women' s category business From Tiruppur. Tiruppur is the hub for the international fashion sourcing. I started this company in 99, in a small way. Just a 1000 sq ft area.
With just 50 thousand rupees investment. I was doing exports till 2012. Everything was good actually.

But unfortunately in 2012 there was a dyeing issues (due to) which most of the factories got shut down in Tiruppur. So there was a break of nearly 1 year. It was my dream actually to establish my own brand. So I thought why dont we start with online business, because offline is more expensive. And its quite time taking process but online is not like that. We can simply start immediately. So I started my brand called Espresso.

And the people ask me "What is Espresso?" Its a coffee. What’s the relation between T-shirt and Espresso? Basically I am a coffee lover. I like Espresso very much. In 2015 when we started with the sales was somewhere around $ 25-30. All of a sudden when the Prime Day came, orders started flowing like anything. Just every second we were getting the orders. Unexpectedly we got a $10,000 business in a single day. Which motivated me to continue my business with US and UK clients. In 2017 now we reached to the level of around 100 pieces a day. With almost a turnover of around 800-1000 dollars a day. Thats huge business that we got from I feel proud of myself.

When US customer wear my product, and she describes about my product. When she gives some positive reviews you know Its our own design, we make the designs, we produce the garment, and someone sitting in US they're wearing my product, its a different feel. After starting this online business, you know. Even though we are doing 24/7 into 365 days. I am not much stressed actually. I just give quality time with my family now. I am just much interested in historical monuments, so I have time to visit all these things. I am really thankful to God."

V G Sivaraj: Espresso
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