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A journey of herbs

Watch how Manish's online export business did 200% growth in just 1 year
Manish wanted to start his own export business, unlike the traditional retail business of his family. Regardless of all odds and irrespective of the concerns from his people, he relentlessly worked towards fulfilling his dream. From initial days of packing the products and handling documentation himself, he has now built a brand of his own. Watch his story of becoming a successful online exporter through Amazon Global Selling; from 2-3 orders a day to 200% growth in business in just 1 year.
"So many herbs, so many spices. That’s what I love about India! I am basically belonging to a Rajasthani family. Like my family is into retail business of Electronics and Hardware. My family always wanted me to be in the traditional business. I told them no I cant open a shop, sit over there and do retailing. I did highest education in my family.
Expectations were very high.

If I start with my journey, like I started it in July 2013. I was not aware of what product to deal, which market to target, nothing was there. I was just have a single office of 200 sq.ft. I got an idea that I should deal into natural herbs, because this is a booming industry. Which can be used in cosmetic industry, which can be used for health care, which can be used as a food supplement. So day by day I started adding up new products. So after 6 months of launching my business I got my first export enquiry. I myself packed the products, I myself made all the documentation, and completed my first export transaction.

For starting 2 years…it was very challenging for me to convince my family that I want to be in this business. We started selling in in February 2016. Initially we just got 2-3 orders in a day. Since we started doing on FBA mode, the sales have picked up. And especially if you talk about Cyber Monday and Black Friday, the major sales period of, so that time my sale has picked up. In this one year only we've seen a growth of 200% in my business.

Apart from dot com we are also going to, we are also going to Amazon.japan. We are happy that when we are sleeping, then Amazon is taking care of our online business in USA. I never expected that Amazon will help me in this way to build my brand, like internationally. And where people say that I want a product with the brand Herbs & Crops.

Mummy always told Papa that “Let him do whatever he wants. I know that he will do it right. See, didn’t I tell you that he will succeed.” So I feel proud of that."

Manish Jain: Herbs & Crops Overseas
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