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FBA Fees Structure

selling fee based on category
Referral Fee
Starting from 2%,
varies by category
fee based on product selling price
Closing Fee
Reduced closing fee* for FBA; Varies by product price range
fee based on delivering orders to online shoppers
Shipping Fee
Reduced shipping fee for FBA; starts at Rs. 28 per item
Standard Sell on Amazon Fees
FBA specific fees special offer
FBA specific Fees
Pick & Pack Fee,
& Storage Fees
Offer: Try FBA for FREE*
FBA specific fees waiver offer
Join FBA now and get Free Transportation, Storage & Packing, and Anytime Removals for first 3 months/100 units. For a limited time only, we are offering a waiver on Pick & Pack Fees and Storage fees, Inbound charges & Removal charges so you can Try FBA at no additional cost!
*(Referral Fee+ Closing Fee + Weight Handling Fee) is regular selling on Amazon fees and is NOT free. Please refer offer validity section for more details.
What are the fees being wavied off in this offer?
If you are new to FBA, for the first 100 units (or first 3 months, whichever comes earlier) - we will waive off FBA specific fees.
This means you will not be paying Storage Fees & Pick and Pack Fees (and in case you require, Removal Fees) for the above mentioned criteria.
  • We pick up your shipment from your doorstep for FREE
  • We store & pack your products in our Fulfillment Centre (FC) for FREE
  • And you can remove it anytime for FREE
Example (for illustrative purposes):
Here is a comparison of Easy Ship and FBA Fees for a feature phone (non-Android mobile Phone)
Product Info: Nokia 105 (2019)
Product size category: Standard
Unit weight: 300 gms & quantity in a shipment =1 ; Shipping distance: National
Storage fees/unit: ₹ 3 (we charge ₹ 20/cubic foot/ month)
Listing price on Amazon: ₹ 1200
Fee Type
Easy Ship
Try FBA*
Your product price on Amazon
Standard Sell on Amazon Charges
Referral*(5% for mobile phones)
Closing Fee
Shipping/Weight Handling Fee(national shipment)/Shipment
FBA Specific Charges
Transportation to FC
Storage in FC
Pick & Pack Fee
Removals (if needed)
Total Amazon Fee
Fee percentage
*Subject to conditions & validity of offer mentioned below
How will the fee waivers be applied?
  • Transportation to FC charges – The discount will be given upfront when you choose 'Amazon inbound Pick-up Service (ATS)'. The charges will be shown as Zero till 100 units /3 months
  • Storage, Packing & Removals Fees – You will be not be charged Pick-Pack fee for first 100 units/ 3 months ( whichever is earlier). You will be not be charged Storage & Removal fee for first 3 months.
  • Please note, that sometimes it may take a couple of days for the discount to reflect in your account. Any charges incurred in the interim ( till the waivers start) will be reimbursed to you as SRP ( Seller Reward points ) as per T&C
What is the conditions and validity for the Try FBA offer?
Following are the conditions for the offer
  • The offer is valid only for all sellers trying Fulfillment by Amazon for the first time (i.e., never sent any shipment to fulfillment centre till date). The start date of the promotion/offer is from the date we receive your first shipment in Amazon Fulfillment Centre (FC).
  • You will be able to avail the fee waivers only for the first 100 units or for 3 months since your first shipment is sent to the FC, whichever is earlier. First shipment should be minimum 10 units.
  • You need to schedule appointment using 'Amazon inbound Pick-up Service (ATS)' to avail Inbound charge waiver. You can inbound multiple shipments over 3 months (till you reach 100 units)
  • At any time (within the offer period) if you wish to remove your products from the Amazon FC, the removal fee will also be waived off as a part of this offer
  • Inbound charges, storage, pick & pack and removal fees are the FBA specific fees/charges being waved off as a part of this offer. Referral fees, Closing Fee, Weight handling Fees and any additional charges like seeking 3rd party services for getting warehouse address added in GST (APOB) will continue to be charged as per usual

How to calculate FBA fees?

FBA fees are divided into three categories:
  1. Referral Fee
  2. Closing Fee
  3. Fulfillment Fee (Shipping Fees & FBA Specific Fees)
There are no additional set up charges or subscription fees when you add Fulfillment by Amazon to your seller account.
This calculator is only for products that are currently listed on Amazon
You can calculate the FBA Fees in 4 steps:

Step 1: Find your Referral Fee

Referral Fee depends on the product category you are selling on Amazon. You can choose your product category from the drop down below to calculate your referral fee.
Media & Entertainment
Beauty, Health & Personal Care, Baby, Toys, Grocery
Fashion (Clothing, Accessories) & Jewelry
Home, Kitchen, Outdoor, Industrial Equipment, Sports, Collectibles & Face Masks
Electronics, Accessories & Musical Instruments

Step 2: Check your Closing Fee

The fixed closing fee will be charged based on item price (on a per unit basis) as shown below:
Your product price
All categories
Categories with exception*
₹ 0 - 250
₹ 25
₹ 25
₹ 251 - 500
₹ 20
₹ 12
Lower Fees
₹ 501 - 1000
₹ 15
₹ 15
Above ₹ 1000
₹ 30
₹ 30
* Category with exception list
Books and media
Books, Software products
** For Books category, closing fee will be INR 12 even for price range of 0-250
Beauty, Health and pet products
Pet Products, Beauty products, Beauty- Fragrance, Luxury Beauty, Health and Personal Care (HPC), HPC - Medical Equipment & Contact Lens, HPC - Nutrition, HPC - Household Supplies, Personal Care and Ayurveda,
Grocery and Gourmet
Clothing, Fashion and Fashion Accessories
Apparel, Apparel - Sarees and Dress Materials, Apparel - Men's T-shirts (except Polos, Tank tops and full sleeve tops), Apparel Accessories, Apparel - Innerwear, Apparel - Sleepwear, Eyewear
Home, Décor, Home Improvement, Furniture. Outdoor, Lawn & Garden
Wall Art, Home Fragrance and Candles, Home furnishing, , Carpets, Bedsheets, Blankets and covers, Home improvement accessories, Home improvement (excl. accessories), Ladders, Home security systems, Kitchen and Bath fixtures, Home Storage, Home - Other Subcategories, Home - Waste & Recycling, Craft Materials, Lawn & Garden- Solar devices, Lawn & Garden- Chemical pest control, Lawn & Garden- Outdoor Equipment’s, Lawn & Garden- Other subcategories, Lawn and Garden - Plants, Seeds & Bulbs, Indoor Lighting – Wall, ceiling fixture lights, lamp bases, lamp shades and Smart Lighting, LED Bulbs and Battens, Indoor Lighting - Others, Clocks,
Automotive, Car & Accessories
Automotive - Other subcategories, Automotive - Tires and Rims, Automotive - Lubricants, Car Parts and Helmets, Vehicle Care and Tools, Automotive Accessories, Automotive Vehicle,
Lab Products
Lab Supplies & Fasteners, Power Tools, Measuring instruments, Tapes and Adhesives, BISS (Food equipment, Material Handling, Professional Medical, Health and Cleaning supplies), Masks, Gloves, Personal Protective Equipment & Medical Apparel
Electronics accessories and PC products
CE/PC/Wireless - Landline Phones, Power Banks, Accessories - Electronics, PC and Wireless, Cases/Cover/Skin/Screen guard, Cables - Electronics, PC, Wireless, Car Cradles, Lens Kits and Folio Cases, Warranty Services, Office Products, Office Electronics Products

Step 3: Calculate your Fulfillment Fees

Fulfillment Fees depends on the weight and dimension of your product and shipping distance.

In most cases your product is a Standard size product.

An item is classified as 'Heavy & Bulky' if it meets one or more of the following criteria:
• Item from categories such as washing machines, refrigerator, air conditioner, microwave, chimney, dishwashers, television, treadmills, cycles (wheel diameter > 20”), large furniture (e.g. beds, sofa sets, wardrobes etc.), deep freezers, or
• Item package weight is more than 22.5 kg or
• Maximum (item package length, item package width, item package height) > 72” or 183 cm or
• Girth > 118” or 300 cm #Girth = [Length + 2*(Width + Height)] or
• Multi box items or Items requiring carpenter installation (non DIY)
Choose your product size in the dropdown below to see the fee rate

Fee structure for Standard size items

FBA Fulfillment Fees
Pick & Pack Fee (per unit)
₹ 10
Storage Fees (per cubic foot/month)
₹ 20
Shipping Fee (weight handling fee)
As per the table below
FBA (Non-Seller Flex) Weight handling fee (INR Per shipment)*
Size band
First 500g
Each additional 500g upto 1kg
Each additional kg after 1kg
Each additional kg after 5kg

Fee structure for Oversize Heavy & Bulky items

Item requires special handling during pickup, delivery & installation.
Max (Length, Width, Height) > 72” or 183 CMs Or Weight > 22.5 kg or Girth > 118” or 300 CMs #Girth = [Length + 2*(Width + Height)]
FBA Fulfillment Fees
Pick & Pack Fee (per unit)
₹ 50
Storage Fees (per cubic foot/month)
₹ 20
Shipping Fee (weight handling fee)
As per the table below
FBA (Non-Seller Flex) Weight handling fee (INR Per shipment)*
Size band
Heavy and Bulky
First 12g
Each additional kg after 12kg

Step 4: Calculate your total fees

Add the above mentioned fees (Step 1, 2 and 3) and apply GST

Total Fee = Referral Fee + Closing Fee + Fulfillment Fee + Tax


Small Product: Camera Lens
Product Info:
Dimensions: 11.7 x 7.7 x 7.7 cm
Unit weight: 0.25 kg
Listing price on Amazon: ₹ 18,900
How to calculate fees for this product:
Step 1: Referral fee = 7% * 18900 = ₹ 1323
Step 2: Closing Fee = ₹ 30
Step3: Product Type: Standard
Fulfillment Fee= Shipping fee (considering local shipment) + Pick & Pack = 28+10 = ₹ 38
Total Amazon fee (w/o tax)= ₹ 1391 i.e 7.4%
  • Fees shown in the table above is displayed excluding applicable taxes. Amazon will charge 18% Goods and Services Tax (GST) on all fees displayed above.
  • Shipping fee is computed based on the outbound shipping weight which is Aggregated Billing weight of all units in the shipment + Packaging weight. We will use 100gm as the Packaging weight for Standard shipments & 500gm as the Packaging weight for Heavy Bulky shipment
  • Billing weight is defined as the higher of actual weight or volumetric weight
  • Volumetric Weight is calculated using the formula, (Length x Width x Height) divided by 5000 to get the Volumetric Weight of a unit in kilograms. Length, Width and Height are all in centimeters.
  • For the below mentioned categories, if the actual weight is less than 1kg and volumetric weight is more than 2 times actual weight, then the billing weight would be capped at 2 times the actual weight
  • Consumables - Baby Products, Baby Hardlines - Swings, Bouncers and Rockers, Carriers, Walkers, Baby Safety - Guards & Locks, Baby Room Décor, Baby Furniture, Baby Car Seats & Accessories, Baby Strollers, Buggies & Prams, Toys, Toys – Drones ; Softlines - Apparel, Apparel - Sarees and Dress Materials, Apparel - Men's T-shirts (except Polos, Tank tops and full sleeve tops),Apparel Accessories, Apparel - Innerwear, Apparel - Sleepwear, Eyewear, Shoes, Flip Flops, Fashion Sandals and Slippers, Kids footwear, Handbags, Wallets, Backpacks, Luggage- Suitcase and Trolleys, Luggage- Travel Accessories, Luggage (other subcategories)
  • Pick & Pack fee and Weight handling shipping fee will not be charged for Standard sized shipments priced over INR 20,000 (zero-fee fulfilment).
  • Long-Term Storage Fees: Additional charges for inventory stored in the Amazon fulfilment centres for more than six months will be applicable in accordance with policies.

FBA Removal Fees

In case you wish to remove your products from the Amazon Fulfillment Center then the following fee rates will be applicable:
FBA (Non-Seller Flex) Removal Fees
Standard shipping/Self Pickup
Expedited shipping
Note: FBA Removal fee is charged per unit. All fees above are displayed excluding taxes. We will apply Goods and Services Tax (GST)
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