"From a monthly revenue of 10k, we do about 4-5 lakhs of business with Amazon now."
- Archish, co-founder of Zishta

All you need to create your seller account is...

Your GST Number & PAN information

An active bank account for payments


Get access to a national customer base

Showcasing your products to the crores of customers and businesses who purchase on Amazon.in can boost your business growth

Secure payments,

As an Amazon seller, you will have the assurance that funds for your sales will be deposited in your account, every 7 days. Learn more about Fees

Support and services
at every step

Contact seller support for your queries, or outsource to certified third party professionals for all your selling needs.

Ship your orders, stress-free

There are 3 ways that you, as an Amazon Seller, can deliver orders to your customers:
Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Amazon stores, packs &
delivers your products
Easy Ship You store & pack your products,
Amazon delivers
Self-Ship You store, pack & deliver
your products
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