"I ship 500-1000 products at a go to Amazon's warehouse & Amazon manages everything for me"
- Pratik, selling Cheeky Chunk umbrellas on Amazon
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Your Fulfillment Options

There are 3 ways that you, as an Amazon Seller, can deliver orders to your customers:
Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
Amazon stores, packs &
delivers your products
Easy Ship
You store & pack your products,
Amazon delivers
You store, pack & deliver
your products
*Enables Local Shops on Amazon
Add the power of FBA to your account
Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service that helps you gain acess to our world - class storage and fulfillment facilities, fast and free delivery options and trusted customer service. FBA automatically makes your products Prime eligible, too.

All you have to do is send your products to an Amazon fulfillment centre. We will store your inventory for you and will pick, pack and ship your orders across India to your customers, once an order is placed.
We pick & deliver your products
For sellers who don't choose FBA, your seller account already comes powered with Amazon Easy Ship - an end to end delivery service for sellers. All you need to do is keep your product packed and ready and let us manage the logistics and customer service.
  • Pick up orders from your doorstep
  • Handle returns and respond to buyers
  • Pay On Delivery (POD) payments
Self Ship with Prime in your local area
If you are a seller or shop owner who has the ability to deliver orders same day/next day to customers in your local area (through your own delivery associates or a courier partner), then you can unlock Prime benefits for select pincodes with Local Shops. This helps that helps customers around you discover you faster on Amazon.in.

Thousands of shopkeepers, from across the country, are already taking advantage of the program to showcase a wide range of products, ranging from consumer electronics to mattresses, kitchen items to grocery/ kirana and consumables, apparel and shoes to gifts, and even fresh flowers and cakes!
Become an amazon seller & choose the fulfillment option that's right for you
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