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Amazon.in great indian festival for selling on amazon
Festivity Drum

Sell on Amazon during the 2019 Great Indian Festival

The Great Indian Festival is the year's most anticipated sale season of the year. Last year our sellers saw:
4 times
sales increase
on average compared to normal days
5 Lakh+
have launched their products on Amazon.in
crorepati sellers
compared to 2017, during the 2018 Great Indian Festival

How can I participate in this Festival?

New to selling on Amazon?
It's a great time to Start Selling. New sellers who participated in the Great Indian Festival grew by 3X.
With 15Cr+ customers on Amazon.in, you can become an Amazon seller and give your business national reach during the biggest shopping season of the Indian calendar.
Already selling on Amazon?
If you are seller, the best way to make the most of the Great Indian Festival is prepare for the potential increase in demand. Click the link below and sign in to your seller central account and you can get personalized recommendations for Prime, advertising, coupons as well as reward offers

How do I prepare for the sale?

With the largest number of customers visting Amazon.in during the Great Indian Festival, the best way to make the most of this sale period as a seller is to be prepared. As an Amazon seller, here's what you can do:
Make sure your top products are in stock
Inbound your products to Fulfillment Centers closer to customers
Set up sponsored product campaigns to increase reach
Price competitively to increase your chances to win the buybox
What our sellers have to say...
Become a seller and get ready for the Great Indian Festival 2019