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As an Amazon seller, you have a wide variety of help and support options, tailored to suit your selling needs.
Whether you have a question or an issue, need self-learning material or want to outsource tasks to verified professionals, support is at your fingertips.
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Get your queries answered with Seller Support
Whether you have just registered, or you have been selling for years, Amazon Seller Suport is there to help. You can contact us via Seller Central to get support and have your issues resolved. Amazon sellers have the option of getting phone support to get solutions to their queries. Our trained seller support team is available all day long to assist you with all the confusions, doubts, issues or problems you may have. This support is available in English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu.
Learn online with Seller University
As an Amazon seller, you will have unlimited access to Seller University. With a library of videos, tutorials and step-by-step instructions, Seller University is your one stop shop for self-learning as an Amazon Seller. You have a wide variety of learning options to choose from:
  • Learn from video guides & instruction materials
  • Take part in an online seminar with live chat to resolve doubts
  • Attend one of our in-person classroom session, held in 17+ cities
Self help with Seller University
Seller Help & support
Hire professional assistance
Sometimes, you need to hire an expert to get the job done and when selling on Amazon, this option is available to you through our Service Provider Network (SPN). Whether you need support with product photography, catalouging, account management, advertising and much more, you can choose from an army of third party professionals on SPN. You can access this once you register to sell on Amazon under 'Apps and Services' inside Seller Central.
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