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"The Launchpad team has been synoymous with our growth story on Amazon. We are best sellers in almost all categories we launched in due to their constant support and guidance.
Suhasini Sampath & Anindita Sampath, Founders, Yogabar
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"Primary reason to join Amazon Launchpad is that customers come to the Launchpad store to find or discover new products in the market and since we are making a new category of clothes the best program to launch the brand on Amazon was Launchpad"
Rameswar Misra, CEO , Turms
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“Launchpad is a great program for innovative start ups with unique products ! The team is amazing and the kind of visibility and insights a brand can get is difficult to drive otherwise ! We at PeeBuddy : Sirona feel great to be a part of this program !”
Deep Bajaj ,Founder, PeeBuddy : Sirona
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“With Amazon Launchpad we have been getting access to higher visibility via marketing initiatives and promotions leading to better revenues. The best part being closely working with Amazon Launchpad is that it helps us make full use of all opportunities that exist with Amazon to reach our relevant audience. We are glad to be a part of this program.”
Pankaj Garg, Founder, DailyObjects
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“We started with Launchpad when we had just launched our brand. Launchpad team literally pushed us to success, helping us launch and promote the products. They even helped us understand supply and demand as the product went viral. But with premium advisory, exposure and marketing, Launchpad makes startups feel like a big brand !”
Apoorv Mangalam, Founder-CEO, Gods
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"Amazon Launchpad was critical for us when we launched, and helped us really understand how to build a brand and a business on Amazon. The support from the team has been great and as we've scaled on Amazon, the support and insights from the team has helped us at every stage of our growth."
Mohit Sadaani, Co-Founder, The Moms Co.
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“I don't think any other platform has the scope to target and build a brand the way Amazon does. We reached 300k parents across 150+ cities in India & Amazon Launchpad has been an intergral part of our journey'”
Varun Alagh, Founder & CEO, Mamaearth
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“When I learnt about the Amazon Launchpad programme, I thought it made perfect sense for us. Ever since we started with Launchpad, our business picked up and we saw regular sales each month.”
Madhavi Das, Founder, Bamboo Tribe
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“Amazon Launchpad gave us just the perfect storefront to showcase our brand new products and make the most of its dedicated support. It is a robust platform that boosts entrepreneurial businesses by giving their brands unprecedented access to Amazon’s marketplace with a much wider audience, global infrastructure, and dedicated support from account managers.”
Bala Sarda, Founder, Vahdam Tea
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