Wrap your products in the iconic Amazon box

Product Packaging
Make a great first impression
When you sell online, packaging is crucial to making a great first impression with customers. Good packaging also helps ensure your customers receive your products in perfect condition and have a great shopping experience.

As an Amazon seller, you have the opportunity to wrap your products in the world-renowned Amazon branded packaging, taking a step towards a great customer experience.

Packaging for Amazon Sellers

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) sellers
When you choose to sell with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you don't need to worry about packaging. Once you have sent your product to an Amazon Fulfillment Center, where we will store, pack and ship your product for you, whenever your receive an order. So avoid the hassle of packing yourself and choose FBA
Easy Ship & Self-Ship Sellers
Whether you use Amazon's delivery service (Easy Ship) or ship through 3rd party carriers, you can purchase Amazon packaging material to wrap your products. Choose from polybags, corrugated boxes and Amazon sealing tape based on your packaging needs.
(You can also use your own packaging material).
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