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In 2018, more than 5 million headphones were sold on Amazon, making it one of the best selling categories. If you are a supplier or manufacturer of headphones, here's how you can sell them on Amazon.in
Headphones on Sale on Amazon.in


Step 1: Register as an Amazon Seller

You need the following details to create your seller account on Amazon:
identification icon for gst

Your GST Number & PAN information

bank icon

An active bank account for payments

Types of headphones you can sell on Amazon
In-ear headphones
on and over ear headphones
Bluetooth and wireless
sports and fitness
Noise cancelling headphones

Step 2: Listing your products

To display your products on Amazon.in for customers to purchase, you need to list them from your Seller Central account by either:

Adding a new offer by matching or scanning the product barcode using the Seller App

(if it is available on Amazon)

Create a new listing by uploading product images and fill in the details

(for new brands of headphones)
Please note that if you are selling Bluetooth headsets, your products will need to be BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) registered.
75 Lakh+
weekly views from customers
looking for headphones

Step 3: Deliver to customer

Once your product receives an order, you will need to deliver it to the customer. There are many ways to do this:
Prime eligible icon
Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Amazon stores, packs &
delivers your products.
Products on FBA are Prime eligible.
Delivery truck icon for shipping
Easy Ship You store & pack your products,
Amazon delivers
Boxes icon for self-shipping
Self-Ship You store, pack & deliver
your products
Manjeet Tronica Potrait Avatar
“I am getting orders from each and every corner of the country and people are really liking my products”
Manjeet, founder of electronics brand Tronica

Step 4: Get paid every 7 days

You will get paid for your delivered orders in 7-day payment cycles after deducting the Amazon fees, with funds deposited directly into your bank account.
hand receiving rupee icon for getting paid
Here is the fees charged for a sell price of ₹ 999, assuming package weight is 750gms, shipped regionally by Easy Ship
Fees charged
Closing Fee
₹ 28
Referral Fee at 14%
₹ 139.86
Easy Ship Delivery fees
₹ 69
GST on total Amazon Fees
₹ 42.63
Total Amazon Fees including GST
₹ 279.49
Earnings sent to your account
₹ 719.51
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